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SCT Mobile can transform your IT into a competitive advantage with extra security, reliability, and elasticity.

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We offer our clients an up to date and comprehensive account management experience. As part of this service we can provide clients with exclusive news, info and demos on all the latest products and services available within the business communications industry.


At SCT Mobile, we provide a professional service for all your IT Hosting, as we always put our customers first.

SCT Mobile provide IT Hosting and back up solutions through Amazon’s reliable data centres.

Are you looking for a company that can provide excellent IT Hosting? At SCT Mobile we understand that IT is changing all the time and we have over 30 years of experience within the industry. Servers and storage has now become a utility like electricity and water and many more companies are deciding to move to the ‘Cloud’. There are a number of advantages and benefits, such as moving away from costly expenditures to predictable costs that can be easily forecasted and managed. This enables your business to move faster and provides a competitive advantage to ensure you are not over taken by your competitors. A public cloud service provides inherent physical and virtual security benefits and, with resilience built in it also allows your IT team to focus more on core business issues. If you are interested in our IT Hosting and virtual servers, please feel free to contact us today, as we cover all areas around Guildford, Surrey, London, Hampshire and the Home Counties.

SCT Mobile can transform your IT into a competitive advantage with extra security, reliability, and elasticity.

‘Cloud Compute’ is a cloud service based on Amazon’s servers from which you can run your normal business applications. These IT Hosting and virtual servers are provided as a direct substitute to traditional on premise or data centre hosted servers and are accompanied by appropriate storage, security, and networking facilities. Cloud Compute can be described as ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ where your business does not own, manage or maintain any of the underlying hardware. You can simply manage your traditional applications without having to worry about the resources needed to support these applications. At SCT Mobile, we believe that small to medium-sized companies will see this as an attractive proposition as it is easy to manage and hassle free. We look after everything for you and if you need more capacity at any time we can make changes to meet your requirements.

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Over the years we have built up an excellent reputation when it comes to providing IT Hosting to our clients. We have a vast amount of knowledge and experience within the business communications industry and can help you make the right decision for your business today. So, if you are in need of our IT Hosting service, we cover a range of areas in; Guildford, Surrey, London, Hampshire and the Home Counties. For any further enquiries or information about this service, please call us on 01483 563 999. Alternatively, you can Request a Call Back or a Free Communications Health Check online.