Leased Lines & EFM

NATIONWIDE Business communications SERVICE

We provide a range of options covering the requirements of a small office using EFM, through to large head offices using high capacity fibre ethernet circuits.

What we can offer our customers

We offer our clients an up to date and comprehensive account management experience. As part of this service we can provide clients with exclusive news, info and demos on all the latest products and services available within the business communications industry.


At SCT Mobile, we are a well-respected company and come highly recommended when it comes to our Leased Lines & EFM services.

SCT Mobile provide business clients in Guildford, Surrey, London, Hampshire and the Home Counties with excellent Leased Lines & EFM solutions

At SCT Mobile, we have been operating for over 30 years and have built up close relationships with all of the major mobile and network providers, which means that we can supply businesses with the best Leased Lines & EFM solutions in the industry. EFM can be delivered on multiple copper pairs where there is an inherent level of resilience. If one of the copper pairs should become faulty you will experience reduced speeds rather than a total loss of service. EFM lead times are around 30 days, typically half that of a Leased Line. If a tough resilient connection is critical to your organisation, then an SCT Mobile Leased Line or EFM may be the answer.

Why choose SCT Mobile for their Leased Lines & EFM service?

At SCT Mobile we offer a large variety of options that cover the requirements of small offices that use EFM, right through to large head offices that use high capacity Ethernet solutions. Leased Lines & EFM guarantees high download speeds with high bandwidth, which allows multiple users to be online at the same time. Our Leased Lines & EFM service also offers the following benefits to our business clients;

  • Guaranteed download speeds with high bandwidth, allowing multiple users to be online at the same time without being adversely affected.
  • High upload speeds allow you to send large files, host data, or support end users or remote workers who have high download speeds themselves.
  • Unaffected by distance from the exchange, contention ratios, or peak hours.
  • Flexible bandwidth – you pay for what you need.
  • Fixed cost regardless of use, with guaranteed unlimited data transfer, so no expensive ‘over usage’ charges, making it easier to budget.
  • Secure robust connection – a dedicated private connection only carrying your Company’s communications, resulting in a much higher level of service.
  • Protection from network crashes – giving you a safer way to stay connected via an ADSL backup circuit.

Contact SCT Mobile if you require our Leased Lines & EFM service.

Over the years we have built up an excellent reputation when it comes to providing Leased Lines & EFM to our clients. We have a vast amount of knowledge and experience within the business communications industry and can help you make the right decision for your business today. So, if your company requires Leased Lines & EFM, we cover a range of areas in; Guildford, Surrey, London, Hampshire and the Home Counties. For any further enquiries or information about this service, please call us on 01483 563 999. Alternatively, you can Request a Call Back or a Free Communications Health Check online