SCT Mobile provides excellent Microsoft Business Services to their business customers in London, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and the Home Counties

The idea of remote working has become very popular with the UK and through Microsoft Business Services this has become more possible. Many companies have adapted to this notion and we can now a rise in individuals or teams’ fulfilling their job roles and requirements out of the office. This ultimately means that organisations can now work with their employees and teams effectively, within their local area, country or even around the world. Microsoft themselves have also come up with a range of Microsoft Business Services to help people become more flexible when it comes to work. At SCT Mobile we personally advise small to medium sized businesses in London, Hampshire, Surrey,  Sussex and the Home Counties to have Microsoft Office 365 as it is a fantastic software tool that allows cloud-based computing. That means that you can work from any location and can view all work based email and document, ect.

Why do businesses in the UK need our Microsoft Business Services?

Through recent research, it has been said that 70% of UK white-collar workers ‘get more done’ when they are able to work more flexibly. Furthermore, 38% say that it allows them to be ‘more creative’. Overall the incorporation of Microsoft Business Services has only had a positive effect on workforce and productivity, which explains why many SME’s are becoming more interested in remote work. Now at SCT Mobile our Microsoft Business Services offers Windows Live SkyDrive, new Office Web Apps, updated versions of Word, Powerpoint, Excel, OneNote, Microsoft Share Point Online, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Lync. In addition, if you need to make a conference call, this software can now integrate with Skype which is excellent.

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